Frequently Asked Questions

*In the past three weeks, Kraay’s Market and Garden has experienced exponential growth and demand for our products. We are constantly evolving to be more efficient and get everyone the products that they need in a timely fashion. This has turned into a 24/7 endeavor, so please bear with us as we adjust to serve our community in the best way we know- providing healthy local food to our friends, families, and customers. Thank you for your generous donations to feed our neighbors who have lost income, for your thoughtful tips for our volunteer delivery drivers, and for your help and support from packing dried beans to sending us relaxing bath products!

How does it work?

Customers sign up for an account at our website, order online during the order period (opens Saturday at 8am), then receive their purchase at their door on Wednesday or Thursday. During this very busy time, we recommend getting your order in on Saturday morning as we have had to cap orders and close the ordering period early.

Is all the food local?

There is information about each vendor on the ordering website. Vendors are primarily from the Wood River, Magic, and Treasure Valleys, but there are a few outliers. Charlie’s Produce brings us non-local, organic items in order to round out our offerings.

When do I get my groceries?

Deliveries are on Wednesday and Thursday. In general, if you ordered prepared food from a restaurant vendor (Oak St., Dang’s, Ck’s, etc.) it will be delivered on Wednesday. If the volume of orders decreases significantly, we will return to our Wednesday delivery schedule.

How do I pay?

You can safely leave your credit card on file with our securely encrypted ordering website. At the end of each week, after we have made any necessary adjustments to invoices (ran out of bacon, broken eggs, etc.) we will run your card. Usually on Friday or Saturday AFTER you receive your delivery. If you do not get an item that you are expecting, please shoot us an email. We generally keep track as we are packing, but we do not want to charge you for an item you didn’t receive.

Can I just pick my items up at the farm?

Not really! We have a system in place to get the products to you and too many exceptions lead to mistakes. For special cases, we may be able to set up a pick up arrangement.

What do I do with my Kraay’s insulated bag after I get my groceries? 

If you are ordering the following week, leave your bag out and we will pick it up when we drop your next delivery. If you are not ordering the next week, please drop it off at one of the following locations:

Ketchum: NourishMe

Hailey: Back door of CK's

Bellevue: Oak St. Foods

We depend on having our bags back, as well as any reusable glass containers and egg cartons, in order to keep prices reasonable and our vendors happy! We are not able to pick up bags from your house if you have NOT placed an order.

How can I help?

Volunteers to help with harvesting, packaging, packing, and delivery are welcome. We also sometimes have other projects at the farm that might sound like fun to you! To sign up for a volunteer shift, you can email Shelly Gluck at or sign up directly at

What measures are you taking to keep our food and delivery drivers safe during the COVID pandemic?
During this time of uncertainty and ever changing recommendations from local, state, and national organizations, we are utilizing common sense, trust in knowing our vendors and farmers, in addition to frequent glove changes, face masks, hand sanitizer, frequent hand washing, and no contact delivery. We are committed to keeping our families and community safe.

Tips for Grazecart online ordering:

*First grab the items that you need the most, until your cart total reaches $25 (minimum order). Then check out- you will get a confirmation email thanking you for your order. Then go back in and add to your cart everything else you are wanting to purchase. You will NOT get an additional thank you order but your cart will be updated.

*If you do not get a confirmation email thanking you for your order, your order is INCOMPLETE and will not be delivered to you. Be sure to finish the check out process.

*Many of our vendors are overwhelmed by the current volume of orders, so they may not have massive quantities of an item available. Fresh produce tends to go fast, especially through the winter and spring seasons when nothing or very little is growing.

*Read the descriptions of what you are purchasing- there are generally descriptors to indicate if a product is vegetarian or gluten-free or how many servings are included.

*Product may be packaged differently than it appears on the website.

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