2% Reduced Fat Milk, A1 Free

2% Reduced Fat Milk, A1 Free

1.5 liter
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Sourced from Kimberly's Best in Kimberly, Idaho. 

They are located in the heart of the Magic Valley. Their dairies are near Buhl, Idaho and South of Twin Falls, Idaho. Their Processing facility is located on main street in Kimberly, Idaho. When Kimberly’s Best Creamery started processing milk, they were committed to only sourcing milk from their dairy that uses the highest quality feeds and forages, including managing the herd without the use of artificial growth hormones.

Great News! Kimberly’s Best Creamery’s extraordinary milk comes from well cared for goats and A1 Free milk producing cows eating only the best quality forages. The end result is a fresh healthy tasting milk and cheese products that have no artificial flavorings or preservatives. Their goal is to produce fresh healthy alternatives in the dairy case.

Now all Kimberly’s Best products come from cows tested to have A2/A2 genetics. Why does this matter? If you struggle to eat cheese or drink milk give their products a try. People who get upset stomachs or bloating when consuming regular dairy products often times are able to drink A1 Free milk or goats milk and eat their cheese made from these two naturally occuring sources of milk.