Beef, Chuck Roast Certified Organic  A+

Beef, Chuck Roast Certified Organic A+

3-4 lbs
$9.64/lb. Avg. 3.5lb .
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A+ Ranch is partnered with Morning Star Organic Farm to bring you organic, local, lean beef. Cows from Morning Star Organic Farm are certified organic, idaho born and pasture raised- never given hormones or antibiotics and always cared for in a manner one would expect from a small, family farm. When not on pasture, cattle are fed a diet of high-quality, locally grown organic forages and organic grains. The result is lean and flavorful beef. Morning Star Organic Farm receives excellent ratings with Validus Animal Welfare Program- an annual, comprehensive audit and assessment of animal care practices performed on-farm by Validus auditors. Our beef is processed at a small UDSA certified facility in Nampa ID. The ethics and effort put into the beef offered by A+ Ranch will provide wholesome, nutritious food for you and your family