Beef, Ground A+

Beef, Ground A+

5 lb Bundles in 1lb packages
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5 - 1 pound packages of ground beef, perfectly packaged to fit nicely into as much or as little freezer space as you have available.

Our ground beef is approximately 90% lean with great beef flavor. You are not likely to find any fat drippings in the pan after cooking. 

At A+ Ranch, our family favorite is hamburger patties (with shredded cheese mixed into ground), taco meat (also used for the week in salads, burritos, rice bowls or on nachos), chili or any type of hamburger casserole. The recipe possibilities are truly endless with our ground beef!

Package sizes approximately 1” tall x 5” wide and 7” Long.

A+ Ranch has partnered with Morning Star Organic Farm to bring you organic, local, lean beef. Cows from Morning Star Organic Farm are certified organic and pasture raised- never given hormones or antibiotics and always cared for in a manner one would expect from a small, family farm.  When not on pasture, cattle are fed a diet of high-quality, locally grown organic forages and a small amount of organic grains. The result is lean and flavorful beef. Morning Star Organic Farm receives excellent ratings with Validus Animal Welfare Program- an annual,  comprehensive audit and assessment of animal care practices performed on-farm by Validus auditors.   Our beef is processed at a small UDSA certified facility in eastern Idaho.  The ethics and effort put into raising the beef offered by A+ Ranch will provide wholesome, nutritious food for you and your family. 

NOTES- you will notice a generic processor label on this product- rest assured, this is 100% authentic A+ Ranch Organic Ground Beef! We are in final review of our USDA approved label- look for this on product available in January 2021!