Cacao Powder

Cacao Powder

4 oz
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Fair-trade, organic cacao powder. Purchased in bulk through Azure Standard and repackaged.

Our premium cacao from Ecuador is produced from the Arriba Nacional bean, part of the Forastero bean family. This heirloom variety of Forastero, known as Nacional Arriba fino de aroma or Arriba Forastero, is prized in South America as a fine cacao due to its unique fragrance and smooth, complex flavor profile. The Arriba cacao owes its prized taste and distinct aroma to its unique, exotic growing environment.

The pods are hand harvested, sun dried and lightly fermented to bring forth the rich cacao flavor. The beans are pressed to extract the cacao butter yielding a pure, unsweetened, nutrient dense organic cacao powder.

Ecuadorian cacao products are great for baking, smoothies, trail mix, gourmet chocolate and desserts.

Ecuadorian Cacao Powder has a dark chocolate flavor perfect in superfood protein bars, baked goods, confections, chocolate, ice cream, and more.

Low in Cholesterol and Sodium
Good source of Potassium

This rich cacao powder has a chocolate aroma and earthy flavor. Use in recipes from cookies to cakes, energy balls, smoothies, porridge, and brownies.

Ecuadorian cacao powder

Store in a cool, Dry place.