Orange Dandelion Bitters

4 oz
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Orange-Vanilla Dandelion Digestive Bitters. Spring is the perfect time to wake up the liver and detoxify from the heavy foods of winter. The bitter taste is incredibly important to proper functioning of the digestive and detoxification body systems, as well as regulating blood sugar levels, increasing nutrient assimilation (especially that of the fat-soluble vitamins), and balancing gut flora. 

This formula is so tasty and can be taken straight on the tongue or mixed in a bit of water and taken in the morning or during the day before or during meals. It is also very effective for tummyaches of all kinds and when you need a little help digesting a heavy meal.\

Take ½ to 1 dropperful directly or add to small amount of water 1 to 3 times per day or as needed. Ideally take 20-30 minutes before heavy meals (or during/after) to prevent gas or bloating. Safe for daily use, avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding.



Fresh* & Organic Roasted Dandelion Root, Fresh Dandelion Leaf*, Oregon Grape Root*, Org Burdock Root, Org Ginger, Org Cloves, Org Orange, Org Lemon, Org Vanilla Bean, in Brandy and Local Honey *Ethically Wildcrafted