Pecans, Fancy

Pecans, Fancy

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Organic, pecans.  Purchased in bulk through Azure Standard and broken down into smaller packages.

Pecans provide a sweet, mild flavor and are a good source of protein. They contain 90% unsaturated fat with more than 19 minerals and vitamins, including calcium, iron, manganese and zinc. As a nutrient-dense snack, they are cholesterol-free and contain mostly unsaturated fats that are high in antioxidants. Unless salted, these nuts contain very little sodium, making for a great fuel while hiking.

Missouri Pecans grow naturally in the rich, river-bottom soils of Missouri, in the northernmost region of pecan production. Although slightly smaller than pecans grown in the south, the unique sweetness and higher oil content of these pecans result in extremely flavorful nutmeats preferred by many.

No additives, preservatives, processing aids