Lamb Sirloin

Lamb Sirloin

1 lb on average
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Over the years, our customers have requested a smaller leg cut which could serve 2 to 4 people. After working with a handful of top chefs, we created the Lamb Sirloin – a leg cut that is regarded as a roast, coming in around 1 pound per sirloin. This tender, juicy cut is delicious whether marinated and grilled or roasted in the oven with a savory rub of herbs and spices. You will love these cuts for everyday family meals or an elegant, intimate dinner. Average weight is 1 lb.

Lava Lake’s wild range, grass-fed and finished lambs are raised in the Pioneer Mountains and are never given hormones or antibiotics. The meat is delicious, tender, and a healthy choice for your family.

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For the month of November, you will receive a free package of lamb bacon with any Lava Lake Lamb purchase!