Agrarian Harvest is a small, family farm in Buhl, Idaho on the Snake River Plain. Located in South Central Idaho our farm is diverse in livestock, poultry, produce and herbs. We (John and Becky) both grew up on commercial farms and both have degrees in agriculture.  We began part-time produce farming 2009 and proceeded to full-time produce farming in 2014.

We practice clean food production. We use non-GMO Organic seed, Organic potting soil, compost for fertilizer, no commercial fertilizers or insecticides and practice minimum to no-till allowing the soils microbes and worms to thrive.  We use deep mulch and occultation for weed control.

We have three cold frames to start our seeds and for beginning our growing season early. We use low tunnels for season extensions as needed for cold sensitive crops. We use the body heat of our meat chickens to heat one of the cold frames for our seedling starts from March to May. We use solar power to power our home and farm’s electrical needs.

Agrarian Harvest