From the beginning, IDAHOUND has focused on canine health and environmental sustainability. Food production is what connects humanity most intimately to nature and a dog's diet should not be ignored. The pet food industry is heavily reliant on industrial agriculture, using all the animal parts that, for instance, can’t be ground into fast food. IDAHOUND wants pull back the veil and help owners see the connection not only between fresh food and pet health, but fresh food and good environmental stewardship.  

Why do we sell only raw foods? Like Canis lupus, which hunts live prey and feeds on raw meat, your beloved hound demands a carnivorous diet similar to that of its ancestor. For thousands of years, wild canines achieved optimal health without veterinary direction. Mimicking their historical diets, with slight modifications to fit the demands of today’s domesticated pets, is possible through the raw style of feeding. Unfortunately, the success of raw dog foods, bones, and tripe has been stunted by confusion and misinformation.