Chef Laura Apshaga: 

I have been a Professional Chef in the WRV for 20 plus years.  As a Professional person in the food business, I feel my number one goal is to connect the Farmer produced local food to the consumer, educating the consumer on the health benefits, as well as the economic benefits of staying local, organic and sustainable.

I source all of my organic ingredients locally first….by using the local farming community as my grocery store, if you will.  If I cannot source the item locally, I will then choose only organic products grown as close to home as possible (USA).    Along with the organic ingredients comes GMO free and It is my firm belief that GMO free is an important component in producing healthy, sustainable foods. I do not use  conventionally grown grain, dairy and  produces or “Natural” products which are treated with chemicals, pesticides and poisons. 

The meats and poultry I use come from pastured, antibiotic free, locally grown animals that are not exposed to harmful herbicides, fertilizers or GMO grains.  We are what we eat!

I shop, prepare and package my food to order, ensuring that the amazing local organic ingredients used are the star!   Connect to your Farmers, Ranchers and local markets, providing economic support to the community as well as living healthier all together! Read labels, find out where your food comes!  My best advice to everyone is Follow Your Food Chain! 

Chef Laura Apshaga