Hello to the wonderful people in the Wood River Valley!    Our farm is located in Buhl, Idaho, spread out over a hill from where we enjoy a far off view of the Sawtooth mountain range. The farm has grown to 50 plus acres in fresh produce. We raise around 30 different vegetable crops for our market in Twin Falls, as well as beef and pork.    

We are working hard towards more sustainable farming, using cover crops for weed suppression and amendments like compost and peat for soil health.  Crop rotation, less tillage, and patience is paying off as we watch our soil balance, get richer and softer!  Tending to the crops and harvesting is a lot of work and we have a great group of employees here on the farm who help us! They work hard! We think they deserve fair wages, so you will find they receive around double Idaho’s minimum wage requirements.  Most of our produce is sold at our BlueRock Farm Market in Twin Falls. Some goes to wholesale, and some is delivered to you. 

We are rebranding our store this year from Sprouts - A Farmer’s Marketplace, to match our BlueRock Farms.  Enjoy our produce over the summer thru Kraays! And if you ever visit Twin Falls your welcome to stop by BlueRock Farm Market and visit us!   We greatly appreciate the Kraay family for taking our fresh  produce to your homes!  Ty and Trenda Regehr.

Bluerock Farm