A + Ranch, owned and operated by Magic Valley natives Mitch and Acee Lucero, is located on the south side of the Picabo hills in Richfield, ID (about an hour south of Ketchum).  At A+ Ranch, the roots are deep with generations of experience of organic farming and livestock know how. The farm was first certified organic in 2008 and continues through today.  It consisted of around 900 acres, all certified organic, and raises organic: turkeys, chickens, beef, pork and produces organic corn, grain and alfalfa. At A+ Ranch we believe that the nutrition of all life starts in the soil.  We use biological and soil building products to grow nutrient dense crops, which in turn feed animals who provide us with nutrient dense food. Never using chemicals that will kill or harm soil, insect or animal life.   We strive to nurture the gift of land and animals that we have been blessed to steward.  Organic is the foundation of our practices that ensures safe and ethical food that you can eat with confidence. We are very proud to offer others same food we provide to our family. Look for A+ Ranch offerings available through Kraays Market including; ~certified organic beef ~certified organic turkey- whole turkey as well as parts including thighs, wings, legs, soup bone and boneless breast. ~certified organic eggs (from our happy free range chickens fed 100% certified organic feeds) We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful Kraays Market  customers who support local farms and farm families. 

A+ Ranch