Waterwheel Gardens is a small farm, owned and operated by the Williams Family, on the east slope of the Emmett Valley, near the beautiful Payette River. We grow a wide variety of tree fruits, berries, grapes, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the rich sandy loam of “The Valley of Plenty”! 

The fertilizer we use is a combination of composts, liquid organic based, as well as small amounts of conventional NPK.  We rotate many crops and use mulch to preserve water and add organic matter.  

We grow our berries, herbs, flowers, lettuce and vegetables without sprays or chemicals, no pesticides or herbicides.

We do have to spray most of our fruit trees. We spray as minimally as we can, using organic sprays when possible. 

All of our fruit and veggies are hand picked for full flavor and quality.  

Waterwheel Gardens - Real Food, Always Fresh!

Waterwheel Gardens